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KIIP Wireless Powerbank Mecha Series

Now Available KIIP Wireless Powerbank Mecha Series with 2 variants EW54 and EW55, suitable for modern setup and prevent your phone out of juice when emergencies.

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KiiP Wireless L1

Laptop Magnetic Phone Holder Universal

L1 Multi-function Magsafe Holder with a strong magnet making work far more efficient. Compatible with any other phone.

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KIIP Wireless EW50

Magnetic Magsafe Wireless Power Bank

Super mini, unfettered, Easy Attachment and alignment. Max 15 wireless Fast Charging. Wireless or wired charging is applicable. Made for All iPhone 12 Series with 4200 mAh capacity.


KIIP Wireless M1

Magnetic Card Holder Magsafe

With high quality leather  material and simple design
Magsafe magnet is firmly attached, not easy to come off and anti-slip. Slot for two cards with hidden compartment, Protector for your card.



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